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This is an all-important developmental year for the emerging learner. In Pre-K, your child will gain the final skills to be prepared for kindergarten. Our Pre-K program includes foundational literacy and math skills derived from the Common Core State Standards.

Some of the skills Pre-K children will learn include letter-sound relationships, how to sound out unfamiliar words, and how to read and recognize sight words. They will learn math concepts such as greater than, less than and equal to, and their number sense will grow.


Language & Literacy

Children learn letter-sound relationships, sight words and the use of critical thinking skills to make predictions.


Teachers introduce addition and subtraction, patterns, graphs, reasoning and problem-solving.


Children learn to express feelings verbally and to act appropriately. Character education is introduced.


Children practice jumping rope, using a hula hoop and accurately throwing a ball to a target.

Creative Expression

Children identify the pitch and tempo in music, create 3D shapes from clay, and act out familiar stories in sequence.

Science & Social Studies

Children explore different species of animals, study various cultural traditions, and compare family traditions.

Citizens of the World

Children identify Spanish speaking countries on the globe and learn Spanish vocabulary for food, seasons and the five senses.

Digital Interactions

Children type their first and last names on the keyboard and explore changes in technology over time.                                                                


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